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Copy Handler migrated from subversion to git

Over the last few days Copy Handler's code repository was migrated from subversion repository to git. This move was done in preparation for new stable release of Copy Handler (handling branches in git is superior to that of subversion).
On the technical side - all three subversion repositories (libicpf, libictranslate and copyhandler) were merged into a single git repository available at

14th anniversary and 1.40 release candidate

Copy Handler turned out 14 yesterday!
On 26th of December, 2001 I put a first line of code for Copy Handler. Now it has around 100'000 lines of code and can do a lot more :)
To celebrate that anniversary I am releasing the first release candidate of Copy Handler 1.40. At the time of this writing all bugs reported in our issue tracking tool were fixed and all of the planned features were included. That means this release should be mostly ready for daily use.

4th beta version of Copy handler 1.40 released

This release solves most of the known problems found in previous beta. The only not addressed problem now relates to shell extension not working in Windows XP.
Please see the full changelog and then head to the download section to get the new beta.

Third beta of Copy Handler 1.40 released

Today we have released a new beta of the upcoming version 1.40.
This release fixes various bugs and crashes and introduces buffer count management from GUI.

From the development perspective, we have built this version with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 in Windows XP compatibility mode. Unfortunately with this change there seem to be a problem with registering shell extension on Windows XP making the experience less than optimal.

With that said, please let me know how does the new beta work (or not) for you - use the contact form on the left, write on our forum or just send me an e-mail.

Second beta of Copy Handler 1.40

Last Friday we have released the second beta version of Copy Handler. Apart from usual bugfixes, this version features a significant change in the way files are read and written.
Instead of the blocking IO now Copy Handler uses non-blocking IO. That change should result in significant in copying speed as the reads and writes can be done in parallel instead of being serialized.
Also the task export feature was added to the Custom Copy dialog box. This allows for creating xml files to be used in command line.

First beta version of Copy Handler 1.40

Today the first official beta of new Copy Handler 1.40 was uploaded to and

This release features migration of toolset used to build Copy Handler from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. As the community edition of Visual Studio is free of change for use with projects such as CH, you can try to build CH for yourself.

There are also a lot of bugfixes included - a full list is available in jira:

You're encouraged to test the new release and report any problems found - your help is needed to make 1.40Final the most stable release yet. Please check for instructions regarding bug reporting.

Second alpha release of the upcoming Copy Handler 1.40

Today, after very long time, a new alpha release was created.
It mostly concentrates on the under-the-hood improvments including:
- sqlite-based task state storage
- unit testing (framework and a few tests)
- various bugfixes,
- progress and stats handling,
- VS2013 support.

Code repositories moved to

Yesterday the code repositories were moved from sourceforge to a dedicated server. Now the repository location is - it is highly suggested to re-download the sources as the externals also changed their addresses.

The move was mainly dictated by the change introducted by staff some time ago separating ro/rw accesses by protocol thus breaking the possibility to have a valid externals.

The old repository will stay on sourceforge for some time (or possibly indefinitely).

New download mirror at

We are happy to announce that today we started a cooperation with Their servers will handle the distribution of Copy Handler binaries.

Please visit to download current stable Copy Handler version.

Issue management changes

Due to the changes that were introduced on recently (although it's more like a series of changes) I have decided to move the Copy Handler issue management (bugs, feature requests) outside of sourceforge.
The downloads and subversion repositories will still be hosted there.

The new issue management system is available at and is backed by a Jira software from Atlassian. It's still a bit experimental, so please share any problems with it through submitting a support requests there or by sending me a message through the contact form (if you have problem creating the support requests).