Submit a bug report

Before you report the bug

Testing Copy Handler and submitting reports about any bugs found in the process is one of the most important things you can do for the project.

To make the bug report useful you should consider the following:

  1. Do not e-mail me about the bugs - please use issue tracker for this purpose (link and instruction below).

    Often people think the best method for reporting a bug is to e-mail author personally (or write a post on our forum) giving some opinion about Copy Handler along with the bug report.

    This could not be more wrong. E-mails tends to be read and forgotten and as result - the bug report too.
    The best way to report a bug is bug tracker on - a central repository of bug reports for Copy Handler.

  2. Someone could have already reported the same or similar bug as you would like to report.

    Please check if some similar bug wasn't already reported. Then if you don't find anything - please submit your report.

  3. Be precise.

    Please describe the problem you have encountered in detail (e.g. with steps to reproduce the problem somewhere else). Also append a screenshot if needed.

    One small exception could be the crash dump generated when Copy Handler crashes - it could contain contain such information as the name of file(s) you were copying while program crashed. If you don't mind the potential visibility of those informations then attach the file to the bug report. Alternatively send it to my e-mail.

How to submit a new bug

Copy Handler uses an issue management system located at (powered by Jira from Atlassian). To create a new bug report, you need to have an account there. Please create it if you don't have it already.

After creating an account, please press "Create Issue" button on the Dashboards tab:
Create issue in jiraCreate issue in jira

The following form should appear, where you can enter the details of your request:
Jira "Create Issue" formJira "Create Issue" form

After filling in the required information (please try to describe what you mean so that any uninvolved person would understand) press "Create" to open the bug.