Command line options

Starting with version 1.40, Copy Handler started to experimentally support two command line options. Both of them are experimental at this stage and are subject to change in the future versions.

--EnableLaunchAtStartup [0|1] Experimental

Option sets the ch.xml setting

to the specified value and adds/removes registry entries responsible for launching Copy Handler with Windows.

This option is being used by installer to ensure proper handling of "Start with system" checkbox.

--ImportTaskDefinition <path_to_task.xml> Experimental

Imports the specified task into the running instance of Copy Handler. Do note, that this option will be silently ignored if specified on the initial instance of Copy Handler.

When specified more than once, all of the tasks will be imported.

How to execute command:

C:\Program Files\Copy Handler> ch64.exe --ImportTaskDefinition d:\temp\Task.xml

Sample xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<Path>C:\Program Files\Copy Handler\libictranslate64u.dll</Path>
		<Path>C:\Program Files\Copy Handler\License.txt</Path>
		<Path>C:\Program Files\Copy Handler\mfc120u.dll</Path>
		<Path>C:\Program Files\Copy Handler\mfcm120u.dll</Path>
		<Path>C:\Program Files\Copy Handler\msvcp120.dll</Path>

Note that the xml task file can also be exported from the Task Edit Window.