Special thanks

This is a list of individuals that had significantly helped in either creation of program and/or web page in the past or are still helping out. My biggest thanks for all of you!

  • Tomas S. Refsland - the former server and domain sponsor; thanks to him you can view this page under domain copyhandler.com;
  • Krzysztof Sziwa - a former webmaster (until 2005/05/22), a great and helpful person who have been taking care of the website and marketing for quite a long time;
  • Kaleb - the former webmaster of a Copy Handler site - also a very helpful individual, who spent lots of time to make things work;
  • Marcin Kędzia & DMK Project - the former sponsor of our web page;
  • Dawid Moś - great help at beginning of the whole project; encouraged me to improve the first skeletons of Copy Handler; provided many useful advices and bug reports on the first versions; if it was not for him, most probably Copy Handler wouldn't see the daylight;
  • Damian Król - bug reports, helped in Copy Handler translation to Polish and a friend that I met through this program;