Submitted by admin on Sat, 2016/04/02 - 23:30

The major changes since the last stable release (1.32)

  • Move from serialized to overlapped IO resulting in significant performance improvements,
  • Basic, experimental command-line support,
  • Better check for updates functionality,
  • Shell extension improvements,
  • Both installer and executables and now signed, so now it will be obvious if the downloaded version is original,
  • More stats available in Copy Handler status window,
  • Lots of under-the-hood changes:
    • Changed storage backed to sqlite database for improved stability,
    • Upgraded development environment to Visual Studio 2013,
    • Migrated source code from subversion hosted at to a git repository hosted at the same place website is hosted,
    • Really huge refactoring of code that significantly reduced the technical debt and will allow easier program extending in the future.

Changes since the 1.40 rc3


  • [CH-243] - Installer does not remove all files after restart
  • [CH-244] - Shell extension shows empty bars when icons are enabled
  • [CH-246] - Program hangs when importing command line task while another tasks are running


  • [CH-245] - Buffer size rough tuning