Submitted by admin on Sun, 2015/12/20 - 20:40


  • [CH-165] - Soft freeze when file is 'Access is denied' and 'Apply to all items' + 'Retry' is choosen
  • [CH-189] - Random size stats errors when copying data
  • [CH-190] - Build tools cannot be run on machines with only VS2015 installed
  • [CH-191] - Task serialization might fail when restarting task
  • [CH-192] - Setting attributes not always done using filesystem layer
  • [CH-194] - Wrong handling of paths longer than 260 chars

Other changes

  • [CH-193] - Refactoring: remove use of icpf::circular_buffer
  • [CH-195] - Optimize searching for files subtask
  • [CH-196] - Unify retrieving file/dir attributes when file handle is open