Submitted by admin on Fri, 2016/11/18 - 15:49

Feature request

  • [CH-266] - Integration with other software


  • [CH-294] - Update Turkish translation of CH


  • [CH-292] - Wrong error message presented on error 34
  • [CH-293] - Invalid current speed reported for subtask/task and global stats
  • [CH-296] - Crash when using shell extension on explorer showing network path
  • [CH-297] - Retrying write failures does not try to write to disk
  • [CH-299] - List of Copy-To paths are not updated after adding favorite path in "Choose directory" dialog
  • [CH-300] - CH moves file instead of copying when using ctrl+c and ctrl+v
  • [CH-301] - Fix issues reported by coverity scan
  • [CH-302] - Skipping file when file is being opened does not update task stats


  • [CH-197] - Retrying on certain failures should re-open the source and destination files