Installation version (recommended)

The following files are installation versions of Copy Handler and are recommended for all users.
Please uninstall any previous Copy Handler versions you might have on your computer before installing this one.

Copy Handler 1.32 Final
Installer (32bit and 64bit)

Copy Handler 1.40 Beta-svn655
Installer (32bit and 64bit)

Or use mirror Or use mirror
Please note that beta versions may contain bugs and they are not recommended for daily usage.
You're encouraged though, to try the version for yourself and provide some feedback using contact form or by filing a bug.

Zipped version (experts only)

The files below contains zipped version of Copy Handler. They are meant for use by experts only, who knows what they are doing. This package require manual registration of shell extension, does not have any uninstaller and does not create any shortcuts in start menu. Use at you own risk.

Source code

This is the full source code of Copy Handler 1.32 Final. Unless you are a developer, there is no need to download this package.

Debugging symbols

The following files contains debugging symbols generated by Visual Studio 2008 for release version of CH. They helps tracking any potential crashes in Copy Handler. Unless you are a developer, there is no need to download this package.

Older versions

Older versions of Copy Handler are available at