Copy Handler Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How can I get notified when new Copy Handler is out?

The easiest way is to use the update checker built-in to Copy Handler. You can find it in Tools submenu of the main Copy Handler menu. Also, by default, Copy Handler will periodically check for new versions and will notify you if it will find any.

How can I help, so that Copy Handler development will be faster?

Please refer to the contribution guide.

When do you plan to release the next version?

The release will come out only when it is ready. Please see how you can help to speed up the release.

Why Copy Handler is developed so slowly?

The most important factor here is that I have very little time to spend on a hobby project like Copy Handler. Usually the work and other responsibilities eats most of the day. Also, working as a software developer, I can't spend all day looking at computer screen :)

Why do you rarely respond to e-mails/on forum?

See the response for "Why Copy Handler is developed so slowly?".