Contributing to Copy Handler

Copy Handler is free and open-source program and as such, it does not have the same resources as commercial entities working on similar software. Unfortunately the needs are very similar - website hosting, additional software, translations, developers.

Some of those issues are alleviated by other open-source and commercial tools being available for free for open-source projects (Atlassian Jira, Coverity Scan, Drupal, Linux, Apache, Nginx to name a few).

Several issues I am covering myself like hardware (hosting server), software costs (like Visual Assist, Microsoft Windows) and other (domains, internet, VPS). Other ones I am unable to cover - e.g. missing translations and day being too short :-)

That's where you can step in!

How can I help?

  • Use Copy Handler and report bugs if you can find any,
  • Translate Copy Handler to your native language so other people in your country can benefit from it,
  • If you can code, you can send patches with bugfixes or new functionalities you would like to see in Copy Handler,
  • Share Copy Handler with your friends - more users means more support for the project,
  • Having other idea on how you can contribute? Drop me a note.


Obviously, you can always just buy me a cup of coffee or drop a few cents to cover some of the recurring Copy Handler related expenses. Currently you can do this using PayPal:

Thank you for all your help!