Installation and uninstallation

Installing and uninstalling Copy Handler using the installer (recommended)

The easiest way to install Copy Handler is to download the installer from our download section.

After downloading, run the installer and follow the on-screen guide to install it. Afterwards you can find the necessary icons in Start Menu, Desktop and/or Quick Launch toolbar - depending on your choices while installing.

When you want to remove Copy Handler from your computer, and you have installed it earlier using the installer version then just go to Start Menu, locate Copy Handler and launch an uninstall entry. Then just follow the on-screen instructions. Uninstall option is also available in the Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features).

Using Copy Handler in portable mode

If you don't want to install Copy Handler, you can download the portable version.

Please unzip the archive, choose the appropriate version (32 or 64bit, depending on the system you want to run on) and move the unpacked files to your preferred location. It should be safe to run even from USB drive.

Enabling integration with Windows Explorer

To fully use program in portable mode you can enable integration with Windows Explorer. To do that, use "Enable integration with system" option in Copy Handlers' Tools sub-menu and follow on-screen guide.