Installer is the recommended way to get Copy Handler. It will automatically install the right version for your computer and operating system (whether it is 32- or 64-bit). It will also take care of integrating the program with Windows.

Portable version does not require installing and can be used directly from disk or USB drive, although it may be a little troublesome to set up the Windows Explorer integration.

Current stable version: 1.46 (released: 2020-12-24)

Supports Windows XP and later systems.

Beta version: 1.50beta1 (released: 2020-12-24)

Supports Windows 7 and later systems.

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Development downloads

Source code

The newest source code is available in our git repository

You can also browse the repository online.

The snapshots of source code that were used to build specific versions of Copy Handler can be downloaded from:

Debugging symbols

For each Copy Handler release there are debugging symbols generated. Those files allows helps greatly when diagnosing crash problems with specific version of program.

Unless you are a developer who needs to analyze the crash dump, there is no need to download this package.

Debugging symbols can be downloaded from:

Older versions

Older versions of Copy Handler, its source code and debugging symbols can be found in: