Sat, 2008/04/26 - 10:05
  • Bugfix: changing language directory caused crash in some cases,
  • Remove options for changing languages and help directories,
  • Changed translation system to allow positioning of formatting parameters,
  • Added functionality to check the home page for updates,
  • Added entry in about dialog box to show the current translator,
  • Added new library to the build - libchcore, which eventually will become the engine core,
  • Replaced CArchive-based serialization with libicpf-based one,
  • Bugfix: code detecting if the partitions lies on the same physical disk sometimes fell into an infinite loop,
  • Added code for checking shell extension version at CH startup,
  • Bugfix: miniview task selection was improperly painted on Vista,
  • Mandatory registration of shell extension when installing CH,
  • Added dbghelp.dll to the installation version of CH (win2000 have too old version),
  • Updated some languages.
Tue, 2008/03/25 - 21:27

Standard changes:

  • Added support for Windows Vista and 2008 Server.
  • Added native support for 64bit Window systems (with shell extension).
  • Dropped support for older Windows systems (95, 98 and Me).
  • Added Unicode support.
  • Added new tool to help translate CH to other languages (instead of creating language development kit with each release of CH).
  • Changed translation file structure to allow more reliable translations (all translation files require revalidation).
  • Created official installation version of CH - zip file won't be generated from now on (unless there would be need for it).
  • Added minidump file (crash information) generation on crash - should allow faster problem detection.

Development-related changes:

  • Changed application versioning scheme.
  • Reorganized sources for easier build.
  • Extracted translation functionality to a separate library.
  • More integration with libicpf library.
  • Changed base compiler to VC++ 2008 (other project files could be outdated).


  • Bugfix: fixed problem with loading state files on startup.
  • Bugfix: skipping files while moving does not delete source file anymore.
  • Bugfix: fixed wrong language selection in options dialog.
Mon, 2005/10/31 - 20:06
  • Fixed bug where files which name starts with a dot were not copied.
  • Added some new translations
  • Many internal changes in the code (changed stl support to the stlPort from
Fri, 2004/01/16 - 23:43
  • corrected a displaying of the paths in the status dialog box
  • corrected on-the-fly language change in the task list in the status dialog box
  • corrected handling of the directory paths in configuration
  • when a "not enough free space" dialog appears it automatically disappears (now) as soon as there is enough space to perform the operation
  • change in program's file names
  • changed the handling of the languages; now they are based on text files instead of dll's
  • corrected shell extension bug (problems with the CTRL key and detecting the operation)
Mon, 2003/10/27 - 23:46
  • added help files to the program instead of readme files
  • corrected bug when the newly created shortcuts (in folder choosing dialog) were not being saved
  • some small optimizations and corrections
Wed, 2003/08/13 - 22:49
  • this program has changed licensing to GNU General Public License (what means, that the full source code is available at
  • added language plugin support
  • changed installer to NSIS
  • optimized tray restart detection
  • modified about dialog
  • now all strings are being read from resource tables
  • modified handling of configuration - it supports now applying, and changing language on the fly
  • when registering or unregistering shell extension dll from program's menu fails - it displays error code
  • added section 'Log file' which is currently unused
  • now pasting by CH doesn't clear the clipboard
  • some small optimizations
Tue, 2003/07/29 - 22:53
  • Corrected error connected with detecting partitions (the same disk or not the same) on newer computers or with much of hardware inside
  • Changed some texts - ie. in English there is One disk instead of OD
  • Corrected detection of floppy drive/path to floppy in choosing destination folder dialog
  • Modified some dialogs to be displayed on taskbar (ie. status window)
  • Corrected bug connected with manually entering a path in some windows - previously the count of chars depended on size of the window
  • Added french language to a program (thanx to Julien (Vk))
  • Now the executable and dll are really packed with UPX, not like in 1.13g version ;)
Sat, 2003/02/01 - 23:56
  • corrected error connected with 'Copy to' explorer menu item (and similar ones) (in previous version it doesn't do anything)
  • added two new options connected with priority manipulation - application priority and disabling thread priority boosting
  • corrected error connected with counting free space on disk (if size of free space on disk was equal to size of resources being copied program displayed window with info about missing disk free space)
  • corrected error connected with files' copying which dates were from outside the range of 1970...2038 year (program crashed)
  • added capability of changing the shortcuts' order
  • program and dll were compressed by UPX Software
Sat, 2003/01/11 - 23:57
  • corrected some errors in program's text - ie. missing 'special' word in context menu (in english language version)
  • corrected a little work of experimental option 'Dragging by left mouse button'
  • added function for importing file paths to copy from text file
  • added function for forcing of create full source paths in destination folder
  • the taskbar icon will automatically reappear when explorer restarts
  • additional configuration option - choosing of default action for dragging files with left mouse button (if option 'Intercept ...' is enabled)
Mon, 2002/11/11 - 22:35
  • Corrected error - commands in explorer's 'File' menu were displayed many times - the more times 'File' menu was opened the more commands appeared
  • Corrected annoying behaviour - saving state of finished/paused/cancelled tasks were done unnecessarily (ie. when using disk defragmenters operation was interrupted each time the program was saving temporary data) - now when going to one of those states the temporary data is stored only once.