Mon, 2015/12/14 - 19:45
  • Added GUI support for setting buffer count (used with async read/write),
  • Binary files are now built using Visual Studio 2015 Update 1,
  • Bugfix: fast move sometimes performed copy+delete instead of content-less moving,
  • Bugfix: resuming copying caused file to be rewritten from the beginning,
  • Bugfix: crash at the end of copying when storing last task state to sqlite database,
  • Bugfix: shell extension "Copy To" -> "Choose location" did not display dialog with locations,
  • Bugfix: amount of tasks running concurrently were not properly counted when limit was already exceeded by manual user resume,
  • Bugfix: buffer changes were not stored in the database,
  • Bugfix: changing buffer size while task was running causes task to fail,
  • Dev: updated sqlite3, boost to newer versions,

For more detailed changelist, please see here.

Mon, 2015/06/01 - 21:12
  • Changed IO from synchronous/blocking to asynchronous/non-blocking - this should result in significant performance improvements
  • Added option to export task data from the custom copy dialog
  • Various bugfixes

The full list of changes can be seen here.

Sun, 2015/02/08 - 22:45

Most notable changes

  • Change of the development IDE (and compiler) from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition
  • Lot of bugfixes

More detailed changelist is available at…

Tue, 2014/07/15 - 19:56

Most notable changes

  • Huge overhaul of the task state storage system - instead of custom binary format it uses sqlite3 as the underlying storage mechanism
  • Introduction of the unit testing framework (google test and google mock)
  • Preliminary support for VS2013
  • Additional stats in the status dialog
  • Possibility to disable inquiry at startup regarding shell extension registration
  • Shell extension options "Copy To/Move To/MoveTo Special" now allow choosing directory manually

More detailed changelist is available at… and (both might require installing root certificate from or accepting insecure certificate from the site itself).

Thu, 2012/09/20 - 16:48
  • Bugfix: incorrect shutdown of application.
  • Bugfix: Fixed serialization problem (data streams were opened in text mode instead of binary).
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential problems with file handle leaks in certain situations when copying files.
  • Bugfix: got rid of some deadlocks when handling progress info.
  • Bugfix: dereferencing NULL pointers caused crashes and deadlocks in some cases.
  • Bugfix: wrong handling of multiple input paths (task copied the first file over and over).
  • Bugfix: Crash when double-clicking on 'All' task in mini view.
  • Bugfix: wrong calculations of the processed/total size.
  • Bugfix: unhandled exception when loading task data from file.
  • Bugfix: 100% of a processor used by the clipboard monitoring thread.
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential problem with constant re-reading drive id.
  • Bugfix: restored resume functionality.
  • Bugfix: importing paths from file didn't work properly.
  • Bugfix: task stopping (pause/cancel/kill) did not work properly when in copy files phase.
  • Bugfix: potential problem with auto-continuation of operation when enough space on disk appears (when showing 'not enough space on disk' dialog).
  • Bugfix: filtering incorrectly shown in status dialog.
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect memory management in drive detection mechanism.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with language not being read at startup when no configuration file was present.
  • Bugfix: shell extension controller returned pointer to unallocated memory.
  • Bugfix: fixed an infinite loop when iterating over files in a directory in some cases.
  • Bugfix: exiting CH while copying data caused status to be changed to finished; this prevented auto-resuming at the next launch.
  • Bugfix: Tasks loaded at startup did not start automatically when the status was right.
  • Bugfix: invalid priority was set for the thread in custom copy dialog.
  • Bugfix: deleting files while moving was not working.
  • Bugfix: corrected fast-move operation to skip fast-moving when path already exists or access denied (i.e. different volumes).
  • Possible fix for problem with activation context when launching CH (exception thrown from CMainWnd::OnCreate() caused Create() to fail).
  • Added Dutch translation made by Jurgen@CH-CF.
  • Updated German translation by White-Tiger.
Under the hood:
  • Rewritten major parts of the copy engine for improved performance and reliability(!)
  • Improved storing/loading operation progress mechanism.
  • Improved support for x64 architecture.
  • Removed unused option "Copying/Use auto-complete files".
  • Improved responsiveness for operations on tasks.
  • Various code cleanups.
  • Reduced amount of information stored in the task description files.
  • Changed task identification from time(NULL) to an uuid string.
  • Rewritten internal configuration system to use boost::property_tree.
  • Changed the way temporary files are handled - now there are 4 files per task -> .cht with strict task definition, .cht.rstate with rarely changing contents, .cht.ostate with often changing contents and .cht.log with log file.
Features/options removed:
  • Removed functionality creating n copies of the original file - it made code more complicated, preventing core code from rewriting (hopefully nobody uses it).
  • Removed option 'auto-resume on error' - wasn't really used, did not work properly.
  • Removed configuration option "Create log file" - most of the logging was done without taking this option into consideration.
  • Removed 3 not implemented (anymore) configurations settings:
    • "Show visual confirmation dialogs"
    • "Use timed confirmation dialogs"
    • "Time of showing confirmation dialogs"
  • Removed 'advanced' button from status dialog (along with rename input paths functionality which was rather useless).
  • Improved shell extension support:
    • renamed 'shell extension' to 'integration with system'
    • enabling integration will automatically check for compatibility (previously only after ch's restart)
    • on startup, when integration is disabled, notification dialog box will allow to enable it again.
  • Changed the way shell extension communicates with CH from binary protocol to XML.
  • Rewritten most of the shell extension code to allow more fine-grained control of the items that appear in menu (also to possibly add new options in the shell menus).
  • Replaced buffer type detection algorithm with the one that should work reliably on any system.
  • Disabled enforcing drive detection mechanism - some fixed drives (i.e. TrueCrypt volumes) does not report physical drive location.
  • Improvements in scanning directory subtask.
  • Added new subtask class handling fast move operation before scanning directories for files.
  • Updated installer script to the newest version of InnoSetup (unicode).
  • Lots of refactoring.
New features:
  • Feature: Added two new task options to allow changing the generated name for the file in case copy is done inside single directory.
  • Feature: Added support for very long paths.
  • Feature: Added portable mode in case configuration file is found in the executable directory.
  • Added command-line option '--ImportTaskDefinition' allowing launching operations copy/move operations.
Sun, 2010/03/07 - 18:37
  • Internal project changes and cleanups not visible to end-users.
  • Bugfix: crash at startup (problem with activation context).
  • Updated about box with better contact alternative.
  • Bugfix: clipboard monitoring did not work in Windows 7 x64.
  • Bugfix: crash at startup (rare, but long standing problem with corruption of task files).
  • Bugfix: input paths were ignored if did not exist (often causing task to end with success while it should not).
  • Bugfix: importing paths in custom copy dialog did not work.
  • Bugfix: fixed an endless loop when searching for files.
  • Fix: Copy Handler at every startup tried to write "Start with system" setting to registry, whether it was needed or not.
  • Updated russian translation by Alexander Polukhin.
  • Applied patch by eegee for displaying time to finish in main copy dialog.
Thu, 2009/07/30 - 21:06
  • Updated Chinese and Italian translations from Runapp and maxbynet.
  • Merged 32bit and 64bit installers together.
  • Fixes in the automatic update mechanism (should fix the crash at startup problem).
  • Now Copy Handler will check for the new versions on a weekly basis (configurable).
  • Fixed problem with Copy Handler web page not being opened from update information dialog.
Sat, 2009/06/27 - 07:37
  • Changed version generation scripts.
  • Fixed background of some controls under Windows/x64.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong configuration of libraries (error 14001).
  • Added reporting of CH functioning to the log file.
Sun, 2009/04/19 - 18:23
  • Language updates: Chinese by James Fancy, French by Adrien, German by René Schümann and Traditional Chinese by Plucky.
  • Added resize capabilities to most of the dialog boxes used in CH.
  • Added new functionality - check for updates at startup.
  • Fixed problems with creating shortcuts in explorer.
  • Fixed problem with directory times not being preserved.
  • Fixed problem with 'apply to all items'.
  • Added support for displaying feedback dialog boxes in places where error messages stopped processing.
  • Moved log file entries from resources to code - less text for translating.
Sun, 2009/02/01 - 21:51
  • From this release there will be zip packages distributed with CH (requests by some users).
  • Changed handling of language files - if they have not been ported to the new format, it won't be selectable in options dialog.
  • Fixed problems with changing language while small status window was shown (and other potential problems).
  • Installer multilingual improvements (translated some custom strings to Polish).
  • Changes in the feedback dialogs (whown when task requested some feedback from user)
  • Added uninstall option to the start menu
  • Bugfix: fixed formatting of data sizes in several places (e.g. tooltips in clipboard monitoring dialog).
  • Bugfix: crash when creating file description object in some cases.
  • Bugfix: Problem with crashing CH when changing buffer size while copying data.
  • Bugfix: fixed parametres -> parameters.
  • Bugfix: shortcuts were not visible in the shell context menu.
  • Bugfix: fixed crash when closing the clipboard monitoring dialog box.
  • Bugfix: Win+E keyboard shortcut did not work when CH was not running.
  • Bugfix: crash during error logging.
  • Updated polish language file (by Ixen).
  • Traditional Chinese language by Tony Yu.
  • Korean language update by TaeJung Um.
  • Updated italian language file by chicco83.