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Latest news

Sun, 2020/10/25 - 18:31

As all of you have noticed, Copy Handler was completely inactive for the last few years due to me being occupied with family matters and some other projects.
Just last week I have managed to find some time to spend on this project, but it's hard to say how long it will last - probably no longer than Q2 2021 when my family is expected to grow again.

Version 1.45

Last week I've released first release candidate of CH 1.45 that contained mostly fixes that accumulated over last few years. I want to release final version of 1.45 this year - hopefully after hearing your feedback.

This release (and eventually bugfix releases from the 1.4x series of releases) will be the last ones to support Windows XP and Windows Vista. In the future they will only receive bugfixes that are either critical or does not require rewriting large amount of code.

Supporting those systems in 2020 involves a lot of extra time better spend somewhere else.

Version 1.50

The next version planned is 1.50 - it will support Windows 7 and later.

There are already several changes committed - mostly related to upgrading development tools and removing WinXP-related bits and pieces.

One of the user-facing changes that were also committed is removal of html help system. It was not maintained for years due to always not having time to do that. There were no complaints so it's quite possible it was not being used at all.

There are only a few small features I'd like to implement before releasing it for testing - I'm hoping for this year's release too.


If you'd like to discuss some of those plans - please contact me through the "Contact Us" form (now that it's working) or our forums.

Sun, 2020/10/25 - 18:13

Today the "Contact Us" functionality on this website had been fixed - it was not sending e-mails for prolonged period of time (thanks to user bawldiggle from our forums who reported this problem).

If you've had tried to contact me through this form recently and got no feedback - please re-send the query or contact me through the forums.

Sun, 2020/10/18 - 17:53

Today, the first release candidate of Copy Handler 1.45 is being released. It contains fixes for several bugs found since 1.45beta1.

Fri, 2017/01/20 - 22:22

Yesterday, the first beta version of Copy Handler was released. It features separation of data reader and writer to separate threads (it should improve copy performance) along with various bugfixes and optimizations.

Changes were bigger than expected, so the new version is released as beta.

Mon, 2016/12/26 - 06:48

Lately I have received several reports about Copy Handler being reported by Malwarebytes scanner as PUP.Optional.Unizeto.

The short version is that Copy Handler is safe to use and Malwarebytes report seems to be inaccurate. I have reported the problem to Malwarebytes - hopefully they will be able to fix it.

The problem is detected only in portable version of CH - installer version seems to be unaffected (both as installer exe and as already installed version). But as soon as you zip the installed version, Malwarebytes detects the PUP.Optional.Unizeto and tries to quarantine file.

PUP.Optional.Unizeto seems to be related to unwanted software (toolbars and other) that is bundled with some legitimate software. Copy Handler was never bundled with any other software, nor its installer included any other software. The only link I can see is that Copy Handler uses the code-signing certificate issued by Unizeto/Certum which is completely legitimate company that issues certificates.

I'll keep you posted when I'll get more information.